Ontario, Canada: Smith, Lepper, Coughell, Metler, et. al.

This page highlights family tree information on the surnames of Smith, Bouk, Lepper, Coughell and Metler in the area of Ontario, Canada. Contact me at daylight398 (at) gmail (dot) com for references.


1. Wellington Smith was born about 1817 in Thorold, Ontario, Canada and died there on 26 February 1883. According to the 1881 Canada census, his ethnic origin and that of his children was English and their religion was “C. Methodist." The 1871 Canada census listed his religion as Wesleyan Methodist. According to these census records, his wife’s name was Mary Margaret, she was born about 1819 in Ontario, Canada and her ethnic origin was listed as German. A record of their son Samuel’s death indicates that Mary’s maiden name was Bouk. Mary died after 1891 when she was enumerated in the Canadian census that year as a widow with her daughter Hester.

The children of Wellington Smith and Mary Margaret Bouk were:

+2.       Eliud Smith, born 4 March 1840 Thorold, Ontario, Canada;  married Wilhelmina Lepper;  died 12 November 1908; buried in Drummond Hill Church Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Canada.
3.         Samuel Smith, born 12 August 1847 in Beaverdam, Ontario, Canada; baptized 16 June 1850 Beaverdam, Canada;  married Isabella Donaldson 25 March 1896 Thorold;
died 25 March 1932 Beaverdam, Welland, Ontario, Canada.
4.         Mary Louisa Smith, born 17 June 1854 in Thorold, Ontario, Canada; baptized 11 December 1856 Thorold, Ontario, Canada. (The 1881 Canadian Census listed her birthplace as Scotland.) Married George Embury Detlor 23 December 1884 Thorold; died 8 September 1942 Pelhan township, Welland county, buried Drummond Hill Cemetery. 
5.         Isabelle Catherine Smith, born 20 March 1856 Thorold, Ontario, Canada; baptized 11 December 1856 Thorold, Ontario, Canada; married GEorge Embury Detlor 30 August 1881 Thorold; died 18 September 1883 Thorold.
6.         Hester Ann Smith, born 16 April 1861 Thorold, Ontario, Canada; baptized 6 May 1861 Thorold, Ontario, Canada; married Samuel Ryerson Detlor 24 September 1910; died 12 May 1934 Stamford township.
7.         Edward J. W. Smith, born about 1864 in Ontario, Canada.


2.  Eliud Smith was born on 4 March 1840 in the Ontario province of Canada. He died on 12 November 1908 and was buried at the Drummond Hill Church Cemetery in Niagara Falls. He lived around Lundy's Lane, “on the top of the hill where you go into the cemetery” according to his granddaughter Mabel Smith Westfall. According to Mabel, they had a little house with a cemetery, where Mabel's mother buried her first child.

His father, Wellington Smith, was thought to have come from England. His great-granddaughter Mabel remembered him having a house in Fonthill. Both Eliud and Wellington were listed in the Thorold township in Welland County, Ontario during the 1871 census.

Wilhelmina Lepper Smith
Eliud married Wilhelmina Lepper. Wilhelmina was born 4 June 1842 and died 19 March 1932. She was buried with her husband. Wilhelmina had a brother named Robert who was buried on his nephew Eliud Wellington Smith's lot at the Fairview Cemetery in Niagara Falls, but there is no stone for Robert.

Wilhelmina was the daughter of George Lepper and Mary Valentine. George was born about 1796 at Three Trees, Muff Parish, Donegal, Ireland and there is a pedigree for George that extends back five generations. Mary Valentine was the daughter of Capt. James Valentine born about 1779. Mary was born about 1799 in Ireland and died 1 October 1885 in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.


+8.       Eliud Wellington Smith, born 27 August 1869 Thorold township, Welland County, Ontario, Canada; married Anna Josephine Coughell 6 July 1893 Thorold, Ontario, Canada; died 9 January 1932, buried in Fairview Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Canada.
9.         Mary W. Smith, born ca. 1871 Thorold; married Albert Granville/Grenville 19 December 1889 Niagara Falls, Canada. It appears that Albert died in 1917 and Mary remarried a Mr. Misener before 1932.
10.       Ella Louise Smith, born 1872 Thorold, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada; married Peter Henry Damude (1866-1946) 25 October 1893 Stamford, Welland Co, Ontario; died 17 July 1916, Lundy Lane, Welland, Ontario; buried in Drummond Hill Church Cemetery, Niagara Falls, Canada.
11.       Wilhelmina Georgia Smith, born 1877 Thorold; married Egerton Wilmot Detler (1856-1916) 20 March 1901 Thorold, Welland Co, Ontario; died 1969, buried in Drummond Hill Church Cemetery.
"Uncle George" (Smith)
12.       George Arthur Smith, born 21 July 1879 Stamford, Welland, Ontario; married Margaret S. Wilson "Maggie"; buried in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada. 


Eliud W. Smith & wife Anna Coughell
8. Eliud WelIington Smith was born on 27 August 1869 in the Thorold township of Welland County, Ontario to a farmer in Thorold, Eliud Smith, and his wife Wilhelmina Lepper.

Eliud W. was a milkman in Canada. They lived on the road to Fairview Cemetery (the road by the water to Niagara Falls). One of his sisters lived in one of the houses just before and facing the cemetery and another sister (Louise?) lived in a house right next to the Drummond Hill Cemetery.
According to Eliud’s daughter Mabel, someone told Eliud that there was good farmland in the U.S., so he immigrated to America on 7 February 1911. Their daughter Mabel remembered walking over the bridge when they moved. She was just under five years old. After moving around for a while, he finally settled in Swormville, New York where he managed a farm. Mabel remembered that the family used to go back to Canada every year for parties and other social events.

Eliud spent the last twenty years of his life living on Transit Road in Swormville where he died of lobar pneumonia at six o'clock on the morning of 9 January 1932. The record of his death was registered in the town of Clarence, Erie County, New York. The record stated that he had pneumonia for three days having contracted it in Chaffee, New York. He was buried on 12 January 1932 in the Fairview Cemetery in Niagara Falls, Canada in section F, lot 107. The undertaker's name was Eugene J. Kuch of 1096 E. Ferry (presumably in Niagara Falls). Eliud had purchased six plots in the cemetery for twenty dollars in 1906.

Eliud married Anna Josephine Coughell on 6 July 1893 at the St. John's Church in the diocese of Niagara in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. He lived in Stamford township and she lived in Niagara Falls at the time. Anna was born on 15 October 1876 in Thorold, Ontario, Canada to Abraham Coughell and his wife Lauretta Metler. Anna died of a heart attack at ten-thirty on the night of 25 September 1966 at her daughter's, Mrs. Girard Stephan, on 81 Lenox Road in West Seneca, New York. According to Anna's death certificate, she had been there for eleven weeks. She was buried on 28 September 1966 alongside her husband. The undertaker was Loomis, Offers and Loomis, Inc. of 1820 Seneca Street in Buffalo, New York. Her obituary stated she lived on Maple Street (#197 according to her death certificate) in Springville at the time of her death but was formerly of Edson Street in Buffalo.

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This photograph was identified by a granddaughter of Eliud and Anna as her grandfather Eliud at age 18. 

This photograph was also identified by a granddaughter of Eliud and Anna as her grandfather Eliud Smith.