Watts Family: Halifax County, Virginia


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This page highlights family tree information on my Watts family as part of the Wisteria genealogy blog. Please see the book, The Watts Family with Roots in Halifax County, Virginia for further information and sources.

Samuel Watts [Sr.] is the first known progenitor of this family.  Others with the same surname (including a Samuel, Thomas and James) were mentioned in Halifax County, Virginia records as early as 1752. The relationship between them and this Samuel Watts, if any, is unknown and needs further research to establish.  There is indication that some of the earlier Wattses in Halifax County may have migrated to South Carolina.

Generation One

Samuel Watts, Sr. was born about 1738 and died around the year 1812 in Halifax County, Virginia. 


                i.      Thomas M. Watts, born about 1765; married Sarah Overton 15 November 1792 Charlotte County, Virginia; died between May and September of 1819 Halifax County, Virginia.

                ii.      Samuel Watts, Jr., born about 1767; married Sarah Burchett; died 1805 in Halifax County, Virginia.

                iii.     William Watts, born about 1773; married Patty Lee bond dated 13 May 1795 Halifax County, Virginia.  No further information.

                iv.     Joseph Watts, born about 1776; married Patsey Canaday (Canada) 29 May 1799 Halifax County, Virginia.  Removed to Scott County, Virginia.

                v.     Polly Watts, married Joseph Shaw bond dated 21 July 1807 Halifax County, Virginia. 

Generation Two

Thomas M. Watts married Sarah Overton on 15 November 1792 in Charlotte County, Virginia.  Sally, who died after 1860, was the daughter of William Overton and Judith Brumfield, daughter of William Brumfield.


                i.      Elizabeth Watts, born about 1797; married Billington Owen bond dated 14 September 1814 Halifax County, Virginia.

               ii.      Lindsey Watts, born about 1800; married Phebe Rickman bond dated 29 November 1819 Halifax County, Virginia; died 9 November 1852 Halifax County, Virginia.

               iii.      Charity G. Watts, born between 1793-1800; married Joseph Ashby Jr. bond dated 9 December 1824 Halifax County, Virginia; died after 1860.

               vii.     Sarah Watts; married Berry Nichols 3 August 1825 Halifax County, Virginia.  No further information.

               v.      James Watts; married Philadelphia --- before 1829; died before 1850? 

               vi.      Samuel G. Watts, born about 1803 Halifax County, Virginia; married Katherine Ann Faulkner before 1834; died between November 1866 and May 1867 Halifax County, Virginia.

               iv.      Richard M. Watts, born around 1815-1818 Halifax County, Virginia; married first Christeann Chissum bond dated 27 June 1836 Halifax County, second Emeline Sneed 14 October 1867 Halifax County; died by April 1878 Halifax County.

Samuel Watts Jr. and his wife Sally Burchett had the following children:

               i.       Joseph Watts, born 1785; married Dorothy Comer 22 November 1824 Halifax County, Virginia.

               ii.       Rebecca Watts, born about 1786; married Thomas Rickman bond dated 2 August 1810 Halifax County, Virginia.

               iii.      Daniel Watts, born about 1780-1790; married Susannah White bond dated 5 December 1812 Halifax County, Virginia; died by February 1842 Halifax County, Virginia.

               iv.       Elizabeth Watts, born about 1790; married Henry Strange bond 20 December 1806.

               v.      Thomas Gillum Watts, born about 1792; married Rebecca A. White bond 9 June 1821 Halifax County, Virginia; died 17 April 1867 Halifax County, Virginia.

               iv.      Roland H. Watts, born between 1795-1804; married Mary "Polly" Lane bond dated 30 April 1817; died 23 January 1845 Audrain County, Missouri.

               vii.     John W. (or Martin?) Watts; married Catherine --- before 1850; died 17 January 1887 in Calloway County, Missouri.

               ix.      Littleberry or Benjamin Watts, born 1801; married Eliza Throckmorton bond dated 19 December 1825 Halifax County, Virginia.

               viii.    Sarah Watts; married John Sadler bond dated 2 July 1827 Halifax County, Virginia.

               x.      Brackett Barnes Watts,  born about 1803; married Fatha Overton bond dated 17 October 1832 Halifax County, Virginia; married Dicey Clark 16 December 1848 Warren County, North Carolina.

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