Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Night Fun (or Sunday Morning Fun for Those Early to Bed and Early to Rise)

Randy Seaver’s latest Saturday Night Genealogical Fun encouraged us to post stats related to our genealogy management program. Being the morning person I am, my Saturday night fun turned into Sunday morning early bird special. Better late than never, I guess.
I use an older version of Family Tree Maker and was using it back in the day when storage capability was not as expansive, hence my files are broken down to around five different surnames. Here’s the stats:
Size: 1292KB
Individuals: 1965
Marriages: 530 (hmm, there appears to be plenty. Perhaps I can find an Autumn wedding to do a post for next month’s COG).
Avg lifespan: 60 years, 4 mos (Another interesting statistic)
Generations:     15
Different surnames:       347
The earliest birthdate had me scrambling to correct errors. I had someone born in 172 (it’s actually 1720-something but the record is unclear) and another born in 186 (again unclear records, although I should have been able to guesstimate with the surrounding entries on that one). Finally I got to a Hatchett born about 1500. I don’t even remember how a Hatchett ties in so I’m going to leave it for now.
Next family file: Timmer
File Size: 19112 KB
Individuals: 887
Marriages: 306
Avg lifespan: 53 years, 1 month
Generations: 17
Surnames: 311
I’m more comfortable with the accuracy of the earliest birthdate in this file: Abt 1538 Sierck Wybes. (Because of the naming patterns and lack of surnames early in the Netherlands, all I know is this guy was a son of Wybe, but I’d have to trace to see which line this comes from.)
Next: Westfall
File size: 105503 KB (I have photographs in this file which eats up a lot of space).
Individuals: 1625
Marriages: 523
Average Lifespan: 58 years, 0 mos
Generations: 15
Surnames: 486
Earliest birthdate: before 1600 Peter Benson.
I actually have two additional files, Sizemore and Hardy. These are not located on my main hard drive so I’ve decided to share the stats on those another day.
Thanks for the fun, Randy!

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