Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Athaliah Mullins of Halifax Co, VA: Was She Born a Boyd or a Watts?

Old cabin at Neals Corner, Halifax County, Virginia

Years ago, I had a Mullins researcher send me a chart on David Mullins of the Halifax Co, VA area b. ca. 1744, d. 1823 TN who married Athaliah b. ca. 1764.

This researcher speculated that Athaliah was a Watts based on the fact that David and Athaliah named a daughter Mary Watts Mullins (1782-1851) who married John Laine III 7 Oct 1797 in Halifax Co, VA. This made me wonder if Athaliah could have been the Latty, child of Thomas & Mary Watts, christened in Frome, England in 1754. The John Laine could be part of the same Lane family as Mary “Polly” Lane who married Roland H. Watts the son of Samuel Jr. This seems to make sense, but until more research is done, it can only remain a theory at this time. Just like with the speculation about Samuel Watts, Sr. of Halifax Co, VA and his English origins (see the previous post about that here).  

At, of the twenty listings for David Mullins born in 1745, four listings have no spouse listed, two have unknown last name for Athaliah and the rest have his spouse as Athaliah Boyd. This can send someone in circles as people have just incorporated others' work in with their file. I was not able to find a good source listed for any of the entries.

I sure would love to hear from someone researching the Mullins family.  If I can determine the source for Athaliah's maiden name, then I can examine that evidence and determine if this Watts theory holds merit or not.


  1. I have Athalia Boyd. My father research our Guinn (Nuraney Mullins) line and the other branches for 40 years. I do not see the name Watts in any of his paperwork.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Did your father have anything about her maiden name? Would love to talk more with you...