Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Past, Present & Future

Yeah! I got everything in order in time to participate in the next carnival of genealogy - and just in time, too :)

Christmas Past~

For Christmas past, I am posting these photos of an album that was more than likely a Christmas gift that my grandmother's aunt, Bettie Hardy Gross, received in the year 1887. It became filled with autographs of friends and family through the year 1908. My father's cousin sent it to me as it had been among the things owned by his mother, Ruby, who was one of Bettie's nieces. It's one of those echoes of the past that I cherish.

Dec. 27th 1887

Christmas 2011

Christmas Present~

For Christmas present, I share a snapshot of a decorating scene I put together in my living room this year.

Christmas Future~

Although this next photograph is actually a few years old, I submit it to represent the future. For that's what children are - the future. One of my favorite quotes is: "We cannot fail our children, for they are the messengers we send to a time and a place we will never see." (Former Maj. Gen. John Stanford)

These are my messengers. I hope they pass along echoes of me.

Christmas 2003


  1. Great post, Dawn! These are wonderful pictures and they really capture the spirit of Christmas. How precious that scrapbook is! Thanks for participating in the COG!

  2. Great photos, and the album is a treasure! Twenty years of autographs and memories! Wow!