Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivational Monday –Projects, Anyone?

I have motivation. It’s just that I get going on so many projects that I lose my way sometimes. I recently wrote about my photograph project I want to start. But there’s so much else going on right now. I recently got some new living room furniture. This prompted a whole slew of projects including tearing up some platforms in the living room first which took me a whole week and several tools, too. Those platforms were in the house when we first bought it along with the carpet that I’ve hated since we moved in. I always told myself that when I ever got around to pulling up those platforms, the carpet was going, too. So guess what the other project was? Yes, I ripped up the carpet. I thought I could just live with the subflooring for a while. I ran into a SNAFU when I discovered the foam that was underneath the carpet is glued to the subflooring and still sticky when I try to pry it up. So now I’m stuck with walking over all this foam until I get the ambition for the next project: new flooring. I think I’m going to have to hire someone for that job, though.
Then there was that other project I started: Cleaning and rearranging the upstairs bedroom after my oldest daughter moved into a dorm at the beginning of last semester. I decided to move a desk that was in there into the other daughter’s room for her to use. This prompted some rearranging and moving stuff in her room first. Several things got moved into the first room which made it a mess all over again. When my new living room furniture came, we decided to move the old couch upstairs to this room and take the couch that was in there down to the garage (to await a future project of dumping several large old items). The couch sat in the middle of that room until Sunday when I finally decided to tackle it again. The room is very large (it was originally used as a rec room by the previous owners) and tends to be a catch-all for lots of miscellaneous items. I spent a lot of time up there sorting, consolidating, bagging, rearranging, etc.
I found a box of some genealogy stuff in a corner and brought it downstairs to my office to sort through. My office was the site of another major project at the beginning of the year. Just after Christmas, I got two new filing cabinets for that room and did a lot of rearranging and sorting of my files. (Which include not only genealogy but household and educational files – I lead a paper-intensive life). I had several boxes in that upstairs bedroom with genealogy files that got brought down earlier and at least placed in a file cabinet. This new box of genealogy stuff contained files I have been looking for recently. I noticed while rifling through some of the papers that I have stuff on a particular collateral surname in at least three different locations!!
Obviously, there’s still work to be done.

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