Thursday, June 14, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday: A Dutch Heritage Album

Yesterday, I posted a wedding photograph of Jan Molenkamp and Frouke Olthof for Wedding Wednesday. Today for Treasure Chest Thursday, I'd like to share other photographs from that same collection.

I mentioned in my post about finding a family hero that I was contacted by a cousin, Hans, from the Netherlands recently. He graciously shared digital copies of many family photographs of our mutual kin via email. I then in turn put together a heritage scrapbook album of the different photographs. I purchased a scrapbook at my local craft shop which I think has a bit of a European feel to it:

For the first page, I included a sketch that Hans' father originally sent me back in 1989 showing the family lines. There are several surnames involved and even I have to refer back to it to figure out who is who at times.

Then I proceeded to put each photo on a separate page using some unifying creative elements to pull the whole album together. I mounted each photo on a black mat and punched decorative photo holders around all four edges. I printed a caption on gray cardstock and used the same punch to decorate two corners of that. I then mounted the caption on black cardstock. For each caption, I included the title/number of the digital image sent as well as identifying information Hans included in his emails. The caption and photo was then mounted on a white background and I used a decorative stamp in black ink directly on the white cardstock.

This first photograph is of my great-grandfather's sister, Jantje Timmer and her husband Eltje Olthof.

This is a photograph of Jantje Timmer, probably before she married Eltje in November of 1896.

This photograph is of Jantje & Eltje's youngest two children. The oldest child, Frouke, is the subject of the wedding photograph posted yesterday (click here to see).

Stedum, Groningen, Netherlands

And this is the final resting place of Eltje Olthof and Jantje Timmer.

This is not the whole album, but shows you an idea of how it was put together. I made my own treasure chest :)

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