Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sibling Saturday: A Birthday Celebration

Watts siblings - Hopkinsville, KY

These eight siblings include my grandfather, C.B. Watts, as number five from the left. There was one more sibling, the oldest, Norman Ellis Watts, not pictured. He moved out to Arizona many years prior to this and died out there in 1962. Willis Lindsey Watts, called Pete, is number two in the photograph. Three is Aunt Ora Lacy. Four Aunt Ivy Diuguid. Six is Aunt Zeffie Woosley. Seven is Aunt Lizzie Woosley. Eight is Aunt Kate Diugiud

Number one in this photo is Uncle Alvin Watts, though he mostly cut-off. The other photo of the group is blurry and I didn't scan it. You can see Uncle Alvin better in other pictures from the day. He is the one right in front of the post on the right in a white shirt and long tie below.

Watts gathering - Hopkinsville, KY
I can identify some of the people in this photograph, but not all. I find it funny that in this photograph and the one below, my father is blowing bubble gum for the camera. He was not quite ten at the time these were taken.

In an attempt to verify better who was who, I sent photocopies of the large group one to my dad's cousin, Inez (nee Diuguid) Wilson Aldridge in the late 1990s to early 2000. She is the one pictured here in the dark dress with her arm and elbow against the left post. She passed in September of 2005. She responded by sending the other photographs to me plus this newspaper clipping below that lists just about everyone there and the occasion for this March gathering.

Mrs. Shirley Wilson was cousin Inez (she married Shirley Wilson). It was her house on Butler Road in Hopkinsville where the photographs were taken.

I think it will take another post to identify and sort out everyone in the large group photo. Stay tuned.

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