Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sibling Saturday: A Photo Matching Game

I am not done with working to identify the old photographs from Aunt Ivy's album. Elsie also sent me this photograph as an email attachment showing the children of George and Henry Ada Quisenberry Diuguid:

Elsie wrote the following about the photo:  "There is not a date on the photo but from the clothing---my best guess is in the late 30's or early 1940's....The photo was made at my grandmother Elsie Freeman's home on HWY 272 in Cadiz.  According to Frances, they had a family reunion either the 1st or 2nd Sunday in August each year. She said that there would be at least 100 or more aunts, uncles, cousins, and extras who
would attend.  She told me that it was a much anticipated event because the food would be in abundance and placed on wagons in the front yard.  I did question why they would wait until August since that is basically our
hottest month---  In a voice that only Frances could use with me, she would shake her head, smile, and then explained that their gardens were producing in August; thus, food was plentiful!"

(Funny how both her and I can still have Frances' voice in our heads).

After I read the email, I scrambled back to the digital images of the photographs from Aunt Ivy's album and pulled this one up.

This is the back of the photograph in probably what is my dad's cousin Juanita's handwriting. She originally purchased the album at Ivy's estate sale.

I could more positively identify it as Travis and Iva when comparing it to the sibling photo. You can sure tell this is Uncle Travis in this one and on the far right of the other one. I included it as an attachment in another email to Elsie and wrote, "I do believe this might have been taken on the same day [as] the one you sent me of all the children. Don't you think?"

She responded back, "I totally agree that this had to have been taken on the same day---the only
big difference to me is that the photo of Uncle Travis and Aunt Ivy was made early in the day and the photo of the 7 siblings was taken much later in the day!!   My reasoning:  notice in the photo of Travis and Ivy--his shirt is buttoned to the top and his pants aren't very wrinkled---in the sibling photo--his shirt has the top button undone and the pants are pretty wrinkled--but it was August and hot!!!"

Aren't we clever? I just love how we were able to even identify which picture was taken first :)

Genealogy can be true detective work. Don't forget to pay attention to the details!

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