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Rescued From Obscurity, Part 5: Family Ties

This post will complete our series on the research regarding this old nineteenth century photo album pictured at left. We have determined that the album was probably originally owned by George Vernum Killmore and his wife Amelia (nee Wright). 

The photograph below of a young man taken in Adrian, Michigan might have something to do with one of G. Vernum's brothers, Daniel or Schuyler, since they were both employed with Michigan Central RR. This paper cdv was paired in the album with the ferrotype of two younger boys that bear some resemblance to the young man. Perhaps the ferrotype is an earlier picture of the same young man and a brother?

Left #19A paper cdv, unknown. Right #19B ferrotype encased in paper frame, unknown.

Left #19A verso: "J.A. Foster, photographer, rooms opposite his old gallery over Park's Dry Goods Store,
Maumee St, Adrian, Mich." Right #19B verso of ferrotype. No markings. 

Since Amelia and G. Vernam were married in Aztalan, Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 1853, are these two photographs below of significance? They are placed first in the album. The second one of the gentleman was taken in Fort Atkinson (also in Jefferson County, Wisconsin). Might it even be photos of the original owners?

Left #1A paper cdv unknown. Right #1B paper cdv unknown.

Left #1A verso: "Goodwin photographer, 60 South Salina Street, Syracuse NY,
gallery up one short flight of stairs".
Right #1B verso: "Mrs. H.E. Raimheld, Artist, Ft. Atkinson, Wis."

The Kilmer family history states that Vernum's brother Luke married Fanny Gillham in St. Mary's, Sydney on 31 July 1852 and that he died in Australia. Could the family group photograph below be a picture of his wife and children?

Left #23A: paper cdv of an unknown woman and four children. Right #23B: paper cdv unknown subject.

Left #23A verso: "Advance Australia, Bray, photographer, 487 George St, Sydney, N.S.W."
Right #23B verso: "N.C. Sanborn, 50 Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass." 

If the reference on the photographer's imprint (see image on right below) is to St. Louis, Missouri, could the photograph on the left be of Josephine S. Rego, wife of Vernum's brother William Deloss Kilmore, whom he married in Missouri on 18 February 1872?

#41: paper cdv, unknown subject.
#41 verso: "Outley's Photographic Palace of Art,
39 Fourth St, St. Louis, opposite Planters House"

Finally, how might the album have made its way to Cattaraugus County, New York?

G. Vernum is said to have worked for the NYC RR for twenty years and then went to the state of Washington.

We do find him listed with his brother William B. (sic) Killmore in Seattle, Washington for the year 1910. His age was listed as 87, he had no occupation and his marital status was widowed.

We can find in where G. U. Killmore, son of Luke, died in Sedro-Woolley, Kittitas County, Washington in 1916 aged 95. Luke R. Killmore died in Kittitas County in 1913. There was also more on the William B. Killmore family who lived in Seattle, Washington, but nothing on Amelia. Where was she?

At this point, the last we see of Amelia, she is closest to the area where the photograph album ended up. In 1900, Amelia J. Killmore born October 1832, was listed as a boarder in the home of Charles Briggs age 56 born July 1844 and his wife Mary E. born August 1853. Amelia was listed as married for 47 years and the mother of two children. Mary had no children. She and Charles had been married for 18 years according to this census data (ca. 1882). They lived in the city of Bradford, McKean County, Pennsylvania. Bradford is just over 20 miles from where the album was found. By 1910, Mary Briggs was living alone with her 17-year-old niece, Ethel Slate in Bradford.* 

From there we lose the trail. Nothing has been found for Amelia after that time and is where we have to leave the story for now.~

*A Charles Wallace Briggs, born July 1844 and died 1907 was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He had a sister Jennie who married Edgar Slade. Their daughter Ethel May Slade married Rupert Arnold in the town of Perry, New York in 1914.

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