Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sibling Saturday: Neighbor Children?

I am going through some photographs that originally belonged to my paternal grandparents. These two that I post I have been unable to identify. They are both RPPCs (Real Photo Post Cards) and have an Azo stamp box on the reverse with 4 triangles facing up. This identifies them as having been taken between 1904-1918 according to Playle's Guide to Real Photo Post Cards.

The one of the three children has "Ruby and Amie" written in pencil on the back by an unknown hand. Ruby (born in 1898) and Amy (born in 1902) were my great-aunt and grandmother, daughters of William Lewis Hardy and his wife Alice Samantha Lovelace. I am guessing that we might be able to narrow it down to about 1917 or before. I base this on the fact that Ruby married and had her first son by December of 1917 (Amy married in September of 1918). I am supposing that it is a probability that the postcard was given to both of them when they were both single.

During the 1910 federal census, Ruby and Amy along with their younger brother Willie were living with their aunt and uncle James L. and Mary (Hardy) Sadler. Also in the household was Jim and Mary's daughter Vara, Mary's sister Elizabeth and Mary's mother Martha (Sizemore) Hardy. The family lived in a house with a later mailing address of 1580 Clark Store-Sinking Fork Road, Cerulean, Kentucky. Amy was also a member of the Sinking Fork Christian Church Disciples of Christ.  I am thinking that these children may have been neighbors of the family or possibly attended the same church.

Although the child in front on the left at first glance appears to be a boy judging from the short hair, I'm more inclined to believe it's a girl. The hair is parted in the middle which is most often indicative of a girl (note the boy on the right has a side part). The shoes also appear to be a girl's style.

Unknown children, RPPC ca. 1904-1918; Christian Co, KY.
Unknown children (older two are boys), RPPC ca 1904-1918; Christian Co, KY.

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