Thursday, August 4, 2016

Rescued From Obscurity, Part 3: More Neighbors

In an attempt to gather more information on the George V. Killmore family, another search is started on using his full name as noted with a birthdate of 1825 and a residence of Syracuse, NY from 1850-1900. 

Here is how we find him indexed:

1855 George V. Kilmer with Amelia J.; Syracuse
1865 George N. Killmore with Amelia, Mary, Luke R.; Syracuse, Ward 5
1870 George Kilmer with Amelia, Mary, Luther; Syracuse

And as noted previously:

1875 George V. Killmore with Amelia, Luke; Syracuse

We do not find a listing for him in 1880. How come? Well, we have to manipulate the search engine several times to find out more using variant spellings and other first names such as Amelia with a narrow focus of Syracuse only during 1880. Finally, up comes a list of Killmores in the 1880 census and we find the family we are looking for. Turns out they are indexed as “Verma G. Killmore” with “Amiela” Killmore, child Mary E. Eaton and Nettie Sandford as other in the household.

By viewing the image, we see the Killmores listed on the bottom of the page at 8 Grace Street. His age is listed as 56 and hers as 48. On the next page is their 27-year-old daughter Mary E. Eaton, a seamstress and a niece aged 25, Nettie Sanford also a seamstress.

Three houses down from them during this census was the James McConnell family. James, a 35-year-old cartman and his wife Ellen were Ireland natives according to this census. They had four young children all born in New York, including 4-year-old Alice C. McConnell and 1-year-old Ellen T. McConnell. Would you say then, that the photos of young Alice (right on first set of photos) and baby Ellen (left on second set of photos) from the album were taken right around that year?  

Left Photo 25A, paper cdv. Unknown. Right Photo 25B paper cdv. Alice Cecilia McConnell.

Left Photo 25A verso: J.N. Esselstyn, 100 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY
Right Photo 25B verso: Goodwin, Photographer, No. 60 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, NY.
Over the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Store. Up one flight of stairs. "Alice Cecilia McConnell"

Right photo scan 26A paper cdv "Ellen Teresa McConnell"
Left photo scan 26B paper cdv subject unknown

Right photo scan 26A verso imprint: Goodwin, Photographer, No. 60 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, NY. 
Over the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Store. Up one flight of stairs. "Ellen Teresa McConnell"
Left photo scan 26B verso (blank)


  1. Dawn, this is so interesting! You must be having a blast working out this mystery.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Heather! Yes, it's been fun. I'm glad you found it interesting.