Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Pages from a Heritage Album

Normally I like to include scrapbook pages for Wordless Wednesday, but this one will need some explanation first.

I decided several years ago to put together a heritage scrapbook for my sister's young granddaughter to introduce her to her ancestry and show her that her grandmother (and my grandmother) was once a little girl just like her.

I had to put the project aside for a few years. Other things took precedence (like graduate school) and it took me some time to gather some of the photos I wanted to include to expand it to go as far back as I could with heritage photos. It took me so long that I now have to do a page to include her brother that was born a year or two after I started. I also made an extra copy to give to my sister's other grandson as well.

I used an 8 x 8 scrapbook which was a good size to include just a few photos on each page. In the front of the album, I printed a pedigree chart starting with the child scaled down to size. On the next page I printed my mother's pedigree chart (as that is the line I was concentrating on for this project) which was numbered. The first photo page has pictures of my grand-niece and her grandmother (my sister), the next page has pictures of my sister as an infant and a young girl. Then there's a page of my mother as a young girl and one that was taken a few years ago and shows her more like my grand-niece will remember her. I continued this way with my mother's parents and their grandparents as far back as I could. Each page concentrated on either one person or a married couple. For cohesion of the album, each page had a scrap of lace scrapbook paper and included a stamped tulip (a nod to my mother's Dutch heritage) in either blue or pink depending on the gender of the person pictured. I identified all of them by name plus wrote where each person's name could be located on the second pedigree chart which can be consulted for further information and help determine the relationship.

Below is a page that highlights my grandmother (and the child's great-great grandmother) and another page that shows her as a little girl with grandfather. I'll showcase other pages in later posts.

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