Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Shiny Object

Photo credit: Megan Westfall

An open post to Sheri Fenley, The Educated Genealogist:

Oh Sheri! Can I relate to your post on shiny objects! Only I usually call it going down rabbit holes.
It was getting distracted while trying to write a recent post that I googled you and found this post of yours in the first place. I was trying to write about prospography which led me to think of accuracy and I remembered you as the “educated genealogist." So I look for your blog and then try to google something about Elizabeth Shown Mills and accuracy that I read on a blog a while back. I get Michael Hait’s genealogy blog as a hit, which has a quote I can use (though not the original posts I remember reading). Then I get so frustrated about having to go search for things that I read before but didn’t bookmark or anything and now I want them! So I open OneNote to try and capture some of these now.
I fall down another rabbit hole on Michael’s blog as I remembered he was the one who mentioned the website Litemind which is something I wanted to keep in mind for its potential usefulness in my genealogy and other professional work. And now I want to follow Michael’s blog and realize I’ve never followed your blog and want to add Litemind to my list of favorites as well.
Then when I google “kinship genealogy” to add a link to describe the term I’ve used in my post, I stumble down another rabbit hole and find a scholarly article on the role of genealogy in personal lives in a sociology journal. I open another window in Internet Explorer to attempt to gain access to that journal through my educational connections. I have no luck with that and it’s probably a good thing that rabbit hole dead-ended because I finally go back and finish my blog post. Mind you this is all at lightning speed using dial-up internet service. No wonder it takes me so long to get a post completed.

If this post sounds breathless and convoluted and makes your head spin, welcome to my world J

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  1. Makes me feel so much better knowing I am in such good company, thanks Dawn!